#RRBC #RRBCEyesOnTheBook w/host @1rburkey!

Eyes on the Book double

Host:  Rox Burkey

Rox Burkey

Twitter:  @1rburkey

Rox Burkey is the co-author of the award-winning books of the Enigma Series and short stories. She is also a big reader. She reads a variety of genres and provides detailed reviews posted on RoxBurkey.com and Amazon. She loves to talk with authors and share what they love about writing their masterpieces.


This show is presented via a **Live** Zoom-room format.  Members will be sent a password to access entry into the show.  Check your email the morning of.  After each show has aired, you will be able to view the archived version here, as well.

Airs:  Every 2nd Saturday of each month 

Air time:  12 PM CT

Show length: 30-minute segment


Next Air Date:

September 12, 2020


Dennis Cardiff larger

Twitter:  @DennisCardiff


Gotta Find A Home - Conversations With Street People by Dennis Cardiff



We also recommend that you KEEP YOUR EYES on the two books listed below!

You’ll have to tune into the show to see if we’re talking about your book!

34 thoughts on “#RRBC #RRBCEyesOnTheBook w/host @1rburkey!”

  1. Wow! This is my first chance seeing the recording. Very nice.
    “Eyes On The Book” will have a memorable archive.


  2. I really appreciated meeting Phil through Rox’s interview and the zoom platform. I’ve already purchased the book and am reading it!


  3. Today’s “Eyes On The Book” show with Rox and Phil was awesome! I have this book on my Kindle and look forward to reading it. You guys did a great job presenting!!!


  4. As much as I would like to attend the show today on Zoom, I am unable to make it due to time differences. I am with you all in spirit. Best wishes and congratulation to RRBC Eyes On The Book – AUTHOR, PHIL STEPHENS, and his book THE ALTAR BOY that I enjoyed reading.

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  5. This was an amazing show! I’ll share some of the comments that were just left on our Chat WhatsApp Channel:
    -Yvette C: That was great, Rox and Phil! I truly am enjoying Eyes On The Book!
    -Joy B: Great show today, guys!
    -Shirley: It was totally awesome!

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  6. This show was so great! Rox and Phil, thank you for sharing Phil’s book with us. When I first saw the cover of The Altar’s Boy, it grabbed my attention, so I bought it. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but it is definitely moving up on my list after today’s discussion. 🙂

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  7. Hello! Welcome to our latest edition to the RAVE WAVES family – EYES ON THE BOOK! We have two combined show banners at the top of the page, the one on the left and the one on the right. I couldn’t decide which would be better here, but, maybe you can? Tell us – which one do you like best?

    We also need suggestions on two books that we should suggest everyone keep their eyes on – what two RRBC reads would you recommend highly?

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