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Non-Profit by [Hyatt, Larry ]



To learn more about Raymond and his other books, visit his RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“The Importance of Being Roger”

The Importance of Being Roger by Raymond Hall

Since childhood, Roger hates the surname fate pushed upon him by an uncaring father and a doting mother. His father abandons the family in order to run off with a ‘slapper’ from his workplace, leaving a bitter wife who’s takes solace in the local Catholic priest. Father Reilly’s visits to her home are the only relief from the day to day drudgery.

Roger befriends a girl, Mary, and at last finds something worthwhile in his young life. But, Mary lets him down when she goes off with Roger’s arch enemy, Billy Brown. Roger’s faith in women is destroyed and he vows never to become involved again, which is not difficult for Roger who appears to take very little interest in anything of an emotional nature.  (More on Amazon)



“Launching Sheep & Other Stories from the Intersection of History & Nonsense”

Launching Sheep: & Other Stories from the Intersection of History and Nonsense by [Angleton, Sarah]



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