#Writing talent lives here! Have u met #RRBCAuthor #RWISAAuthor, President & Founder of #RRBC @nonniejules? Want to know more “About” her? Drop by #RRBC! #RWISA #RRBC_Community

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“Work hard in silence.  Let your success be your noise.”  ~ Frank Ocean


Hi, I’m Nonnie Jules – President & Founder of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB {RRBC} and RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS {RWISA}.  As a writer who values the (polished) written word, it is my mission to help my fellow authors understand that their reputation as a writer should be treated as a rare treasure and that the only way to be taken seriously in this business, is to ensure that your writing (no matter the forum) is impeccably written and well-edited.  If not, you’re just another “Joe” with a pen who was the first to raise his hand when Amazon asked:  “Hey, any old Joe out there wanna publish a book?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be good and there’s absolutely no hard work involved.”

FYI:  If you don’t care what you put out into the world, you’re just a laughing stock in the literary community … and your name is “Joe.”

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No Pedigree by Nonnie Jules


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44 thoughts on “#Writing talent lives here! Have u met #RRBCAuthor #RWISAAuthor, President & Founder of #RRBC @nonniejules? Want to know more “About” her? Drop by #RRBC! #RWISA #RRBC_Community”

  1. Hi Nonnie. I just wanted to let you know that my review of No Pedigree is on my blog today as one of my May reviews. 🙂 A great read that I’m happy to share. Have a lovely Sunday and be well. ❤


  2. Hi, Nonnie. Paula’s heartfelt message to the club members brought tears to my eyes. YOU are RRBC and RWISA and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the countless hours you spend to help make our journeys as authors better and more rewarding.


  3. You have a beautiful face and heart
    Of age, there is not a trace
    You show no signs of getting older
    Making your birthday impossible to remember…
    Have a Fabulous Belated Birthday, Nonnie!


    1. Hi Nonnie:

      I ditto Joy M. Lilley’s comments. But it was well-stated, I’ll say that! Appreciate all you do . . . the kindness, being compassionate . . . and the generosity you’ve shown for others. There’s a lot on your shoulders. I know it’s not easy, but you do a great job of hiding the weight. You go, girl!


  4. Hello Nonnie, I did not need an email from Paula to know how much of your life you give to our wonderful club RRBC. However I appreciate that she took the time to write it and remind us all of your dedication to help and support all writers in RRBC.
    Please know that you are so highly thought of by myself and all those who are well aware of how hard you work to benefit us all.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Best wishes Joy G.


    1. I agree with Joy completely. I could never do all that you do for this club. I honestly have no idea how you do it all, and I’ve told you that before. This club has given so much enjoyment to my journey as an author, and I am truly grateful to you for all that you do. 🙂


  5. I’m late, but I want to give you a huge SHOUTOUT for your Random Acts of Kindness. It was an unexpected surprise and I do mean surprise. You are the best. Have a fantastic day!


  6. Nonnie I want to thank you for your Random Acts of Kindness giftcard for 4WillsPublishing!! It will go toward the book trailer for At The Edge of The Stairs….my next novel due out very soon. Thank you again!!


  7. A Happy Belated Birthday to a Fantastic Person and Author, Nonnie Jules! Thank you for providing RRBC and RWISA authors a home they can call a literary family.
    Best Wishes!


  8. Well, we spent an hour on the phone together and you never mentioned it was your birthday! Sorry you had to spend so much time coaching me. Hope you had an amazing day and that the year ahead brings all the good things life has to offer.


  9. If I only had the time to drop by all of their pages, I would, but, it is my sincere hope that they’ll all find the time to drop back by mine for this HEART-FELT THANK YOU!

    To: Jan Sikes, Wendy Scott, Phil Stephens, Mary Adler, Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, Rox Burkey, Eichin Chang-Lim, Peggy Hattendorf, D. L. Finn, Robert Fear – THANK YOU so much for the beautiful and generous gifts! Your kindness and generosity have overwhelmed me today. You are appreciated beyond measure!

    To those of you who sent out the most awesome tweets on social media in honor of me today, THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to celebrate me.

    I think you’re all amazing and the best (online) family an old girl could have!

    MANY, MANY THANKS, once again, and your kindness will forever live in my heart!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Yvette! My day was filled with website updates, a ton of Trello-work, 3 hour-long Zoom meetings – work, work, and more work, but in those little stolen breaks of time that I had, I managed to pop on here and smile at all of you wonderful folks!

      Thank you!


  10. IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Happiest of Birthdays to you, Non! I hope you have a grand day, full of celebrations and pure awesomeness! ❤😘


    1. Well, Wendy – new release is here (see above)! And, I didn’t find time to write – I wrote while I was sleeping 🙂 That was the only time I could do it. And, since I’ve heard that the book is so good, I’ll write and edit (everyone’s work) in my sleep from now on! That’s the only way we can ensure that I deliver the best, right?

      Watch out world!


    1. Joy, I’m so glad that you were able to read it and Paula forwarded me the review when you sent it through to the Reviews Dept., so thank you so very much for taking the time to read it, and for the kind review 🙂


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