Join us soon @ 12 PM CT for #RRBC #RRBCRatersNotHaters w/host @sharrislaughter! @RRBC_Org

Join this entertaining host as she rates the books that we all want to, and should read… even if we’re reading to give an honest review (opinion) of them.   Shirley is one of our top reviewers in the club and she posts reviews on a pretty regular basis, so, who better to give an opinion than her?

With the internet trolls on the loose, you just can’t believe many of the reviews you read these days.  I mean, these trolls are on a mission to seek and destroy the greatest of written works, just because they can.  They’re not even real reviewers so we’ll just call them haters.

Enter our super-Reviewer!  She will share the good, and sometimes even her constructive critiques of books, in hopes that she will help the authors become better, or to even share praise when warranted.  No worries, though, we’re not here to tear anyone’s work down.  We’re RATERS – NOT HATERS!

Sound like a fun show?  Have you ever (virtually) met Shirley?  Well, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be! 

Twitter:  @sharrislaughter


This show is presented **Live** via our Zoom Studio.  Members will be sent an invite to the show.  Check your email the morning of.  After each show has aired, you will be able to view the archived version here, as well.

Airs:  Every 4th Saturday of each month

Air Time:  12 PM CT

Show length: 30-minute segment


Next Air Date:

September 24, 2022

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#RRBC #RRBCRatersNotHaters

Join the fan club of the show, RATERS NOT HATERS,” by sharing your comments below!  Let us know if you’ll be tuning in and let us know what you think of the show!

26 thoughts on “Join us soon @ 12 PM CT for #RRBC #RRBCRatersNotHaters w/host @sharrislaughter! @RRBC_Org”

  1. Thank you, Nonnie, and everyone in the zoom gallery for attending today’s show June 25, 2022. We reviewed my first book, Our Lady of Victory, which proved to be quite interesting and educational. I really appreciate you for helping to make this an enjoyable review.


  2. Everybody from the zoom gallery and Nonnie, thank you so much for helping me make this a lively show for the New Year. Lisa Karazian’s book Bravura was a winner today. It got 5 stars because it was a fabulous read. It was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed discussing it.

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  3. I want to thank all those who came to the show today. There was a lot to learn. Thank you Nonnie for your support. Without you there would be no RNH.


  4. Hi Joy and Shirley, I finally had a chance to listen to the replay of your show. You both do a a great job of relating your views on the story. I totally appreciated the support for my book as the sponsor, Nonnie. An interesting program. Hopefully I can make it live for March’s show. Thank you for voicing your thoughts on this show.


  5. Thanks to you all that were at our program today. You sure make the program more interesting and interactive! Above all, you never know whose book we are going to review!


  6. I laughed through the replay. It definitely was entertaining. Thanks to my co-hosts and zoom audience of RRBC members.

    Thank you Nonnie for preparing this show. This is our new reality.


  7. I enjoyed the 3 viewpoints and honest opinions. It was great for me to learn about a new author. RRBC has a lot of authors I am unfamiliar with and I look toward the coming months to learn more about some of them (I doubt I could learn about all). Thanks for the format!


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