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*2/15/20 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest:  RWISA Author, Bette Stevens


*3/19/20 – SPOTLIGHT HONORS – Guest:  Susanne Leist

Susanne Leist

*5/9/20 – EYES ON THE BOOKGuest:  Author, Phil Stephens

*5/14/20 – BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT – Guests:  Authors, Breakfield & Burkey

*5/16/20 – BUY THE BOOKGuest:  RWISA Author, Harriet Hodgson RRBC’s 2019 KCT Int’l Literary Award Grand Prize Winner!


*7/11/20 – EYES ON THE BOOK – Guest:  Dennis Cardiff

*7/19/20 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest: RWISA Author, John Podlaski

John Podlaski no hat

*9/12/20 – EYES ON THE BOOK – Guest:  Karl Morgan

*9/16/20 – LET’S TALK ABOUT IT – Guest:  Dr. R. J. Ledet of The15WhiteCoats

*9/17/20 – BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT:  Guest: “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Susanne Leist

*9/19/20 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest:  RWISA Author, Linnea Tanner


*11/19/20 – BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT – Guest:  Author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter 

*11/21/20 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest:  RWISA Author, Maura Beth Brennan (due to a technical error, this interview is not displaying in its entirety)


*1/27/21 – LET’S TALK ABOUT IT – Guest:  Hina Patel

*2/13/21 – EYES ON THE BOOK:  Guest:  CJ Zahner


*3/13/21 – EYES ON THE BOOK – Guest:  Author, Charles Jones

*3/18/21 – BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT – Guest:  Author, Robbie Cheadle

*3/20/21 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest:  Author, Yvette Calleiro

*5/8/21 – EYES ON THE BOOK – Guest:  Author, Joy M. Lilley

*5/13/21 – BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT – Guest: “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Harriet Hodgson

*5/18/21 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest:  Author, Linda Mims

*5/20/21 – LET’S TALK ABOUT IT – Guest:  Lisa Smith


*6/12/21 – EYES ON THE BOOK – Guest:  Author, Keith Wright

*6/19/21 – BUY THE BOOK – Guest:

*6/23/21 – LET’S TALK ABOUT IT – Guest:



  1. Hi, everyone! Going to be the guest on today’s Buy the Book program and am so honored! Thank you, Nonnie!
    Also, as a confirmed introvert extraordinaire, very nervous. This is my face right now 😲!


  2. How wonderful to find all the past shows in one place!! Thank you, Nonnie! I really enjoyed the replay of Rox and Mark’s interview on RRBC Eyes On The Book this morning. Mark is inspiring!


  3. Hi Mark,
    I have a very good friend who is known world wide who works against Human Trafficking. Her name is Christine Caine. Living in Germany, I have seen lots of Human Trafficking. You’re right it is a hard pil to swallow but trafficking is very popular in the western countries among men. You never know unless you do some kind of investigation about what is happening about all these young girls and women who just happened to vanish.
    I have enjoyed your interview and am sorry that I had to miss it because of another engagement.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia


  4. Thank you, Joy and Shirley for your honest reviews of Terra’s Call! I appreciate you both very much. I understand that the way I wrote it, from four separate points of view, takes some getting used to. It’s the first time I’ve written in first person and it seemed the only way to get everyone’s feelings in there, especially since they take separate journeys in the subsequent books. The scope of the story was too large to fit into one stand-alone book. As the characters learn what it takes for them to save the world, the magnitude of the task causes them to grow. Each book builds on the last, and so it had to be a serial series rather than a series of stand-alone stories. I had a little trouble categorizing it into one genre. I chose SciFi because of the aliens, but it crosses over into fantasy. I get that not every genre is everyone’s favorite, but that’s the beauty of this group. We’re all expanding as we read each other’s work. I’ll take that three stars with gratitude, Shirley. And Joy, you made my heart sing. You’re both wonderful writers and amazing people. ❤


  5. I enjoyed this session. Sorry I couldn’t have joined, but I wouldn’t have been able to hear anything where I was. I have read Terra’s Call and really enjoyed it. I’ve got book two waiting for me to read it. I agree that it’s important to know that each chapter is told from a certain perspective, but once you know that, the story is fantastic! 🙂


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