“About” Eichin Chang-Lim @EichinChangLim #RRBC #RRBC_Community

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Dr. Eichin Chang-Lim is a semi-retired optometrist, a multi-award-winning author, a wife, and a mother to 2 children. She and her husband had a private optometry practice in Los Angeles. They now live in Orange County, California. Eichin modeled during college in Taiwan and was in several short films, including a supporting role in the comedy Indy/feature film Winning Formula. Besides acting and writing, she loves opera and big, bear hugs.

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Twitter:  @EichinChangLim

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You can find Eichin’s  books listed under the following categories in the RRBC Catalog:

Biographies & Memoirs

Health & Fitness / Self-Help

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


Teen & Young Adult


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4 thoughts on ““About” Eichin Chang-Lim @EichinChangLim #RRBC #RRBC_Community”

  1. I trust you’re enjoying your new author page, Eichin! Keep up the great work, and thanks for helping people with their eyesight. It’s one thing none of us want to lose. All the best!


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