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{These reviews are the personal views of Nonnie Jules.} 


All other reviews will be posted to Amazon and B&N.  If you follow the sidebar on any page of this site under NONNIE’S NEXT 5 REVIEWS, you will be able to follow what I am currently reading and you will also know which books didn’t make the cut to sit here.  If you are looking for a TRULY GREAT READ, any book which sits on this page will serve you just fine because they have garnered a high mark from me!  No SUGARCOATIN’, these are well-written reads, some more-so than others! These are written works with great story-lines, but all in all, they are all enjoyable.   {I review books of RRBC members, as well as non-members but only the books of RRBC members, will be listed on this page.}

How can an author get better or improve on his writing if the world is constantly saying to him or her “Your work is great!” when it is clearly NOT?  Let’s all become a bit more honest in our reviews and from that, a world of GREAT writers will descend upon us! ~ NJ

“I have been told that people are afraid to ask me for a review, yet they secretly long for one from me because they know that HONEST reviews are CREDIBLE reviews.  HONEST {CREDIBLE} reviews are all that I give and CREDIBLE {HONEST} reviews can boost an author’s credibility and stature.”


{If your book has been awarded a 5***** Star Rating here, you may display my “SEAL OF APPROVAL” on your blog/or website.  You may request it be emailed to you in the comments section below.  GOOD LUCK!}



“Hi, Nonnie, I have read your reviews and respect your honesty and insight.  Also, after having read your “SUGARCOATIN’” book, I respect you as a writer.  I would be delighted if you would review my book for me, at such a time as you can get to it.  I have a huge TBR list myself, so I fully appreciate how long yours is likely to be! Warmest regards” ~ HK

“I would like to submit my new superhero fantasy novel to you for review. I love the honest and in-depth approach you take towards your reviews which is why I want your opinion. For me it’s not about getting a perfect review every time, it’s about impressing those who are hard to impress.” ~ KD


10/25/22 – JOYFUL PUSSCAT TALES by Author, Joy M. Lilley

Joyful Pussycat Tales by Joy M. Lilley Amazon edition


For all my life, I’ve never liked cats – they’ve always terrified me. But, as of 2 years ago, a kitten (now cat) has somehow found its way into my home via my daughter, and has stolen my heart. She’s a mischievous one but highly entertaining!

Joy’s book was delightful and would make a great story-time tale for any child, although even in my old age, I was tickled pink at the antics shared from the kitties’ point of view. Sophie Swipe was my favorite, as the new cat in my life finds much delight swiping at my ankles when I’m not paying attention. She just wants to touch me.

I purchased the paperback for its beautiful cover, so that I can one day listen and watch my future grandchildren hold it in their hands and read it to me.

Kudos to the author! You taught me ‘Cat-lish,’ which in some cases, I understand better than human English. Now I understand my own feline better!


10/8/21 – TWO FACES OF JANUS by RWISA Author, Linnea Tanner

Two Faces of Janus Amazon cover


Let me begin by saying that initially I was turned off by the cover of TWO FACES OF JANUSand I designed it!  (But, it was the cover the author chose for her book, so, get over it, Nonnie!) 

Now, although turned off by the cover, I had to read the book as it was an entry into the ALPHA / OMEGA 90-DAY SHORT STORY WRITING CONTEST.   I’m not a huge reader of the genre in which Tanner writes, but I was instantly transported back to 7th grade English – “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art though Romeo?”  Yes, the feel of this short story took me back to that time and place, and I was in awe of the amount of research the author had to have put into the penning of this read, to make me feel it as deeply as I did. The angst in which Lucius Antonius felt as the story developed, drew me in deeper with anticipation of the climactic end I knew would be coming.  TWO FACES OF JANUS was carefully crafted without one error in sight and has pushed me that much closer to picking up more reads by this author.  (Time be my friend).

Kudos to you, Linnea Tanner, for giving us such a flawless read in the form of one captivating tale, and emerging as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of this year’s 90-Day contest!  “This was the absolute best read to ever come out of this contest” said one judge, and I agree wholeheartedly!  I recommend it highly!  

By the way, after reading the story, I now understand why the author settled on the cover and now I love it!  It is perfectly suited for this tale!


2/25/21 – TURN THE LIGHT ON by RWISA Author, Pat Garcia

4****Stars!!  THE LIGHT IS ON FOR ME!

When I opened this cute little read, my lips began to curve into a smile from the first paragraph. I knew then that the rest of the story would hold me until the very end – and I wasn’t wrong.

Della Cartwright is a top-notch professional in her industry and damned good at what she does. But, when she takes up meeting with a stranger whose name she doesn’t even know, who then pulls her into doing things she would have never done before, she begins to question everything about herself and her life.

The creation and unfolding development of the characters, Della Cartwright and Alessio Terracina, made me believe that they were real-life strangers, entangled in a weird, yet steamy connection, that left me hot with anticipation of what would happen next between them.

There was only one teeny portion of the read that I didn’t find plausible which is the reason it doesn’t get 5 stars from me and it’s not even worth me getting into. It could be me and if that is the case, I don’t want anyone else’s review to be based off of my opinion.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book from a first-time author that was this put together… this well-written… this good!

TURN THE LIGHT ON by Pat Garcia is a quick little read that will leave you salivating until the publication of her next written work of art!


6/10/20 – UNHINGED by RWISA Author, John Podlaski

Unhinged A Micro Read by John Podlaski

5*****Stars!!! HE’S GOT A NEW FAN!!!!!

I began reading my first read by John Podlaski a couple of weeks ago but, due to my extremely busy schedule, I haven’t finished the read yet.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that John recently penned and published a Micro Read!  This was my chance to find out if this guy had made his way onto RWISA-Island based on his great smile or merely via his writing prowess.  Don’t be disappointed when I tell you the truth.  

The truth is – this guy can write his buns off!  This cute short **jule** took me 15 minutes to read and when I had to put it aside to take an important phone call, I found myself rushing through the call just to get back to finish it.

I don’t ever bother detailing what a story is all about (I mean, that’s what the blurb is for on Amazon), but, what I will dig deep into here, is letting you know that this Micro Read is the first one you should pick up!  (Even when I’ve finally published my own first Micro Read, as of today, I’d want you to skip past mine to devour this one first!)  I found not one single editing issue and the quick (and very interesting) storyline … amaze-balls all the way!  I felt like that 14-yr old kid running for his life!  (That’s the only tease you’re getting from me, by the way.)

The one fault I found with the book was – he left me wondering what happened to Nick, the other kid in the story.  I wondered, ‘How did this all end up with Jerry as the main character?’ But, it was still a great read in spite of that missing detail.

John, you got me believing in the bogeyman again!  Thanks for nothing! LOL!  Great job!


4/11/14 – PURE TRASH by RWISA Author, Bette A. Stevens

Pure Trash by Bette Stevens


Since the book, PURE TRASH was a short story, my review will be short, as well.  Bette Stevens did a good job in writing this short, but a few things kept me from giving it a full 5-star rating:

1)  The introduction speaks a lot to the child (Shawn)  being bullied, yet there is no mention of it really happening anywhere in the story (the little hints in this respect wouldn’t count).  Yes, there are some negative comments and treatment by adults in the story, but I’d use the word “mistreatment” as opposed to “bullying,” which would lead us to expect that particular behavior being exemplified by the child’s peers, for example.  The author mentions in the intro that her story “may re-define your concept of bullying…”, but it didn’t for me.  When you’re speaking of a child in relation to an adult, in no way at all can that be construed as bullying.  Abuse/mistreatment, yes…bullying…NO.  I would suggest that the author re-word the introduction so as to not lend so much emphasis on bullying, as that is what I, as a reader, expected most out of the story based on the intro.  I got very little of it if any at all;

2)  Although it was meant to be a short story, even with around 5,000 words the ending could have been stronger and a little longer.  I would have liked to have seen Shawn and Willie make it home to their mom so that we could experience her reaction to what had happened during their afternoon away.  The ending left me with no closure.

In spite of the above, my 4-star rating stems from this:  THE WRITING WAS STILL GOOD.  I know another reviewer mentioned the “level of proofing errors,” but honestly, I found very few editing issues, which is always a plus in my book.  I am definitely looking forward to reading more about Shawn’s journey from childhood to adulthood.  I’m quite positive Mrs. Stevens will ensure that it is a solid 5-star read all around.  I have every confidence that she IS that kind of writer 🙂


2/24/14 – OUR LADY OF VICTORY:  The Saga of an African-American Catholic Community by Shirley Harris-Slaughter

5***** Star Read!

(NOTE:  I read this book during its first publication.  I understand that this book has gone through a few revisions, etc. so I want to make clear that my review is based on my read of the initial publication of the title). 

Let me start off by establishing one very important fact:  I AM NOT CATHOLIC.  And because of that fact, I felt there wouldn’t be much for me inside the covers of this book.  I purchased the book because I wanted to support this author.  I read the book all the way through because of the INTRODUCTION and paragraph 2, which stated:  “This book will present the facts – and some of those facts may not make for pleasant reading.  I make no apologies since I had nothing to do with making the policies that shaped Our Lady of Victory and our lives…I ask that you understand that I am only the messenger.”  So, let me explain why the INTRODUCTION and paragraph 2 got MY attention:  1)  I like facts, and I’m impressed by people who have no qualms about sharing factual information, be it comfortable or not, and 2)  I love people who make no apologies for speaking their truths!

OUR LADY OF VICTORY is a story of a black, Catholic community that is no more.  I was in awe of the author for the time and patience it must have taken to secure all this data and these facts, and to lay it all out the way it is now… in this great book.  This author wants everyone to understand that her book is a NARRATIVE HISTORY.  Don’t mistake it for a novel, a short story, fantasy, or any other genre.  It is the history of this church and how its existence and its demise, shaped so many of the lives that passed thru its doors.

Should I be ashamed to admit that when the author said “…some of those facts may not make for pleasant reading,” I sat up straight because I instantly knew there was a cover-up involved?  And who doesn’t love a good cover-up/mystery, especially one that gets UN-COVERED?   Shirley Harris-Slaughter uncovered things about the higher-ups and the powers-that-be in that church, that a lot of people would have never touched with a ten-foot pole, and I’m sure, some are still “whispering” about today.

Let me get to what you came here for… my thoughts on this book. OUR LADY OF VICTORY was one of the most detailed books I’ve ever read.  At first glance, I thought, “All this information is going to give me brain freeze,” but once into it, I found myself anxious for more.  Again, I’m not Catholic, and don’t know much about the religion (other than I love this new POPE you guys have!) so I really enjoyed being “schooled” by an author who could (and did!) compile and organize information as well as this one did.  She knew her stuff!  I’m a stickler for (almost) perfect anything, but especially (almost) perfect writing and storytelling that captivates and keeps me hungry for more.  Mrs. Slaughter delivered a home-run for me.  It was clean, it was detailed, and it was interesting.  But the best part about this book, is you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy it.  

Now, in full disclosure, I must share that my review was based on the 1st edition of OUR LADY OF VICTORY.  I have not read any subsequent editions as I know the author has had a few republishes of this title.  So, once again, please note that my review was based strictly on the very first publication of this title. And for that edition,  she gets 5***** stars from me for her compilation and the amazing organization of the facts presented on the history of this church. 5 stars from me – not an easy feat.


1/10/14 – ALLERGIC TO LIFE:  My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope by the late, Kathryn C. Treat

Allergic To Life by the late Kathrn C. Treat

5***** Star Read!!!

When I first began reading Allergic to Life by Kathryn Treat, I, for some strange reason felt as if I was about to be bombarded with a ton of medical jargon and my brain would instantly be thrown into information overload (something I always try to avoid). This is one of those times where you have to remind others NEVER TO JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER (and by the way, the cover of the book is what made me want to read it!).

Once inside and deep into the story, I found myself so engrossed in her journey, that I didn’t want to stop reading.  And that’s what this book does, it PULLS you into this author’s journey, one that I now feel, we all must go on. I am a mother of daughters, just like this author, and to have an illness keep you away from the joys in their lives…to sit on the sidelines while your daughter plans her wedding, to not be able to be as involved as you would normally have been in the birth of your grandchildren…I found my own heartbreaking for Kathryn and her daughters.

This book teaches a lot about the many allergies that we can become afflicted with, things we’ve never even thought of in our every day lives, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear…..can I be so bold to say… even the air we breathe? What was so amazing about this author is that she began to document her journey. She would write things down (it was very clear that she was a true organizer) but who, being as sick as she was on some days, would have the clarity of mind to do something so brilliant? Well, Kathryn Treat did.

I don’t like spoilers and so I’m not going to give you ANY, but what I am going to give you today, is some priceless advice. I am a book reviewer and critic of the worst kind and I have to say, that this book is one for the ages. You will do yourself a great disservice if you don’t pick it up, read it, learn from it and share it with the world.

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Kathryn’s journey. I feel that she will one day stand in front of millions and share her story with the world. And even though she might still have to wear a mask over her face, that alone will prove to you how strong even YOU can stand in the face of any obstacle. Kathryn Treat’s life was turned into pure hell by her allergies, beginning with mold, and although I felt extremely sad for her, her strength and her courage to win each and every battle, her endurance to keep going when all she felt like doing was hiding under her covers, is what kept me rushing through my work and my extremely busy life to get back to read more of her story. This book will do the same for you.

I think even in the best fiction books which are meant to entertain us, there is always a lesson we learn. Kathryn Treat taught me that no matter how bad, no matter how hard I might think my life is, there is always someone who has it a little bit worse, and if they’re anything like Kathryn Treat, they’re probably not even complaining about it.

I don’t give 5***** stars easily but this was truly ONE EXCEPTIONAL READ!


If you are seeking a book review from Nonnie, please complete the form below.  Book reviews are done on a first-come, first-serve basis and are posted here as well as on Amazon.  An e-book copy must be gifted to Nonnie via Amazon for the review, or a paperback/hardcover mailed to her, if requested,  but not done until you have informed you that you are in her queue.  A request does not guarantee a review. {Absolutely no requests for Smashwords downloads will be accepted}.  You will be contacted via email as to whether or not your book is in her review queue.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “#RRBC – Nonnie’s “RAVE” #Reviews – @nonniejules @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA”

  1. What an honor to receive your seal of approval, Nonnie! I was motivated to write this piece as a challenge to publish the short story 90 days as part of the contest that you sponsor. What I like most about being a member of RRBC / RWISA is the inspiration to explore other ways to express onself in writing.


  2. Nonnie the revisions in my book has more to do with format issues, missing and misplaced photos, and some content tampering while moving from a publisher to Amazon’s now defunct Create Space book publisher. There is no revisions on the actual content.
    I apologize to my readers for any misinformation caused by these changes and corrections.


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