Congrats to #RRBC #October Member of the Month #RWISA Member @KarensStories! @RRBC_Org #RRBCMOM




Karen Black RWISA shirt

Karen Black has been on our roster since August 9, 2018, but it feels as if she’s been with us a whole lot longer.  Karen is one of the greatest joys of RRBC and has quickly become one of our most supportive and dedicated members.  So much so that she has already been awarded LIFETIME MEMBER status with the club!

Karen serves as THE PIPELINE MAGAZINE’S Editor-in-Chief and she is also the second graduate of our RWISA University, which means, she now resides on the illustrious roster of RWISA members.   

You will find Karen all over social media supporting her fellow RRBC members as a member of our special TWEET SUPPORT TEAM.   She continues supporting by showing up to our book club discussions, supporting from the gallery of our Zoom RAVE WAVES shows, and she participates in every event the club holds!  She’s also an avid reader of her fellow member books! Yes, Karen is another superstar RRBC member

Karen entered this year’s Alpha/Omega 90-Day Short Story Writing Contest and produced a new short called “CLOSE YOUR EYES AND THEY’RE GONE.”  Karen reads lots of your books, so now would be a great time to pick up one of hers!

Close Your Eyes and They're Gone by Karen Black

You can connect with Karen best by visiting her RRBC Author Page. Don’t forget to LIKE her page, share it to your social media and follow her on social media, as well.   Let’s make her month uber-extra-special!!!

Then, on Monday, 10/25, we ask that you spend the entire day showing Karen just how special she is by continuously tweeting and sharing this page all over your social media platforms!  This will be her day – our MEMBER OF THE MONTH MONDAY Support day!    

Please use the hashtags #RRBC #RRBCMOM in all your tweets of support for this amazing member!


Enjoy it!


We’ll see you in November when it could be YOU sitting in the final #MOM seat of 2021!

197 thoughts on “Congrats to #RRBC #October Member of the Month #RWISA Member @KarensStories! @RRBC_Org #RRBCMOM”

  1. Hi Karen,
    Congratulations!!!! I am very happy for you. Having the opportunity to work with you on THE PIPELINE is a big thrill. I enjoy your writing and rejoice at how you are spreading your wings as you learn to fly as Editor-in-Chief. Keep up the great work.
    Enjoy your month.
    Shalom aleichem

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen congratulations in earning this special recognition. Love your stories and can’t wait for more. Your support of RRBC memvers is always appreciated. Enjoy the spotlight.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations, Bette!
    I love seeing your face as the member of the month for Jun3e. You’re an outstanding writer that writes with a passion. But more than that, you’re a loyal and faithful friend that makes a difference in many people’s lives and one of those people is me.
    Enjoy your month.
    Shalom aleichem

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    1. Thanks for this honor and lovely shout-out, Nonnie. I’m jumping for joy thanks to the wonderful support I continue to receive from #RRBC #RWISA and our awesome members. You rock! ❤


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